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10 Reasons Why People Travel

When people decide to leave the comforts of their home and venture to other locations there is usually a reason behind it. Whether the cause to travel was a last minute whimsy or had an actual purpose, it makes one think about all of the reasons why people travel. Reflect on the last time you left your location and ventured to another one. Did it have a purpose behind it? Let’s look and see if your motive to travel matched any of the one’s listed below. These are not listed in any particular order.

1. Romance- There are thousands of people who are involved in long distance relationships. At some point though, they need to see each other. For the sake of love, people will travel for hours to spend as much time as they can with the love of their life.

2. Relaxation- All work and no play is not a good thing. People need to get away from the stress of everyday life, and a nice sunny location with a beach might just be what the doctor ordered.

3. Family/ Friends -Many people have family/friends that are located in different parts of the world. They need to visit with them even if it’s for a short period of time.

4. Religion- There are places in the world that hold religious importance for many people. Religious travel is often related to a purpose such as seeing where the last pope was buried, or traveling to the town where Jesus was born.

5. Death- A relative, friend or acquaintance has passed away and travel is required to attend the funeral which is located out of town.

6. Honeymoon- You’re getting married and are going somewhere special to celebrate. This usually occurs right after the wedding, but there are many occasions where people celebrate a honeymoon years later.

7. Education-You’re getting your education somewhere other than where you live or you are going away on an educational school trip.

8. Celebration- Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Birth- There’s always something to celebrate and it doesn’t always happen where you live.

9. Medical/Health- Sometimes the treatment you need isn’t available in the city/town where you live. Often the best medical care is costly and requires travel to receive it.

10. Work- Job requirements might mean a fair bit of travel is involved. Even if the travel is within your own country it still has a purpose attached to it.

Overall, traveling can be a wonderful experience or it can be draining, expensive and just plain torture. Nonetheless if you need to go then embrace it for what it is, and try to make the best of it even if it wasn’t planned.

Traveling is Fun – Adventure is Awaiting

People all over the world love to travel. People travel for various purposes like business, leisure, education or recreational purposes. Traveling has become a part of people’s life and there is no life without traveling. Going to work everyday is also traveling. Traveling helps us to learn a lot. When we travel to other countries, we are able to learn about the culture, language and people of that country.

Many people, we find travel for work related purposes. Some people travel to other countries to seek work and there are lots of businessmen who are globally connected, traveling to various countries in the world to attend meetings, to expand their business, to build relations etc. This helps them to make more money.

A large percent of people travel for leisure. Everybody longs to relax. Nobody can work like a robot. To get away from the stress and tension of their work, they usually take a few days off to visit tourist places with their families to see places and enjoy a fantastic vacation. There are people who travel within their country, and there are people traveling to other countries depending on their budget.

Lots of students nowadays travel for education purposes, mainly for higher studies or for educational tours.

The World Tourism Industry is flourishing with tremendous growth and this industry is making changes every year to meet the demands of the increasing tourist. Tourism brings in a lot of money and increases employment opportunities in the country the tourism ministry in every country seeks ways to develop and promote tourism in their respective countries. The most visited country in the world today, happens to be France and Paris is the world’s most visited tourist destination. Switzerland also is a great tourist attraction because of it’s ski-resorts.

The Internet plays a very important role today in giving information of the various tourists attractions of the world, with the hotel and sightseeing facilities. With just a click of the mouse, you can book rooms suitable to your budget, in any part of the world.

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, it is most important that you stay safe and enjoy your trip. First of all, you have to plan your trip well in advance. Once you have chosen your destination, plan your itinerary first. Book your flights and hotel reservation much in advance, especially during the seasonal period, to avoid disappointments. If you are choosing low budget hotels, make sure that you make proper research, because you might end up without the facilities mentioned on their websites. It is always best to book hotels with Internet facilities, because you can use Skype to keep in touch with your near and dear. This will help you to save a lot on your long distance telephone bills.The most important thing that you need during your travel is currency. You can use your ATM cards and credit cards. Travelers Checks can also be useful while traveling. The best advise for traveling is always travel light. Also be very careful about what you eat. Unhealthy eating can cause stomach problems and might end you up in the hospital, which can lead to an unexpected expense.

Traveling can be a very pleasurable experience if you do proper planning in advance.

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

Travelling is a beneficial activity for all of us because it makes us realise the importance of travelling and expanding our horizons for exploring and not living in the same place all the time. TravelĀ Alone has some significant advantages. If you are confused about whether you should travel alone or not, here are top reasons why you should:

Encourages Uniqueness

Travel is a one-of-a-kind experience that sets you apart from others and allows you to explore your passions -instead of reading about Mona Lisa, see it in person; don’t take that dance class at the rec centre, get a Flamenco lesson in Spain. Then come home and impress your friends with your travel stories.

A Chance To Be Adventurous!

After 18+ years of being told what to and what not to do, travel lets you try new things like skydiving, whitewater rafting, that strange delicacy in Thailand and other things you never tried at home.


Seventy-eight percent of young travellers want to learn something when travelling. Uncover your hidden art critic at the Louvre in Paris or find your passion for ancient architecture at the Acropolis in Athens.

Bragging Rights

Fifty-six percent of your friends want to travel as a result of your posts because travel is excellent, not just because you are an expert at selecting the perfect phone filter. The only thing better than seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night is how insanely jealous your friends will be when you upload your pictures.

Sharing Common Ground

Two out of three young travellers visit a place that is recommended by friends and family. Don’t be left out. Travelling to places your friends and relatives visited lets you share everyday experiences and stories.

Attainable With Minimal Effort – You Can Do It Now

Remember when you were young and you couldn’t wait to grow up? Well, you’re grown up (not to be confused with old). By taking a tour, it takes the hassle out of travel. When you’ve only got two weeks, you want to make every second count.

An Investment In The Future

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and happier. Make the ultimate investment when you’re young, so you’ll reap its benefits for a lifetime. You can’t put a price tag on pushing your limits, meeting lifelong friends, and creating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Adventure Travel – A Shift In Backpacking

The travelers we met during our adventure travel from South to North Central America were very different from the travelers you would meet now backpacking on the same route. Most people were, just like we were, looking for a real escape. It would have been rare to find anyone traveling for less then 3 months. As a matter of fact, most people had started in the North of the continent, or often in Mexico and were planning to travel as far south as Peru or Patagonia. They would have 8 months or more to do so. The main reason for their trip was not so much traveling in itself; most backpackers were looking for a different lifestyle. Either that or they had already found the lifestyle they were looking for and had successfully made being an adventurer their way of living.

These adventurers had more time then money and were consciously escaping the first world. The idea was to make a statement against modern life and travel to third world countries was a way of expressing disagreement with the hectic first world.

Nowadays if you travel through Central America, you will find another type of backpacker. The adventurer needs to work harder now to find his escape. He will need to travel to even less accessible locations just to avoid the vacation atmosphere found in popular destinations throughout Central American countries nowadays. Backpacking and adventure tourism has grown more fashionable over the last 10 years. It is now most common to take a 3 or even 2 week holiday to an exotic place like Guatemala.

This new adventure tourist is a lot less adventurous as our explorers 10 years ago. He is not interested to leave regular day to day first world life. He is simply looking for a short break from it all. This adventurer has not got the time to really adjust to another lifestyle; he just wants a taste of it, a tiny bite.

The new adventure traveler is not genuinely interested to get to know a third world lifestyle, he is not willing to live like the locals surrounding him on his travels. As if the world was one big museum, he wants to be there and watch from a short distance. The consequence is that local hotels and restaurants need to adjust their services to this new demand, even if this means losing their own culture. Although the current traveler claims to be interested in other cultures, he is really demanding it to change to his needs. A shift in backpacking culture is sadly leading to a shift in local third world culture.

Over the past few years we have shared the magical Mayan Jungle with people from all over the world, raising their environmental awareness and showing them an alternative Mayan World; one that reveals her unique people, culture and secrets. Our adventures have taken these foreign travelers deep into the jungle where everyone always comes to the same conclusion: “This is Paradise, we have to protect it”

Third World Surprises In Panama

Who would think of Panama as the site of Third World experiences but that is what this close by neighbor offers the intrepid traveler. Of course Panama City is modern and up to date as is much of the country in the hills and the former Canal Zone where Americans thrived not many years ago and where quite a few of them have decided to retire. But that is only one thin strip of this fascinating country.

Panama offers the opportunity for the visitor to spend time with indigenous Indian tribal groups on the mainland, on islands and deep in the jungle. The Embara, for example, still live in modest thatch-roofed buildings deep in the Darien jungle and, until very recently, lived a hunter-gatherer existence. Like so many indigenous cultural groups, however, civilization is impinging on their way of life. Yet they can still be visited and one can still get a sense of what tribal life in the jungle is like from them. Their dancing, their cooking and their jungle knowledge are still available to the tourist. They dress more self-consciously now and they make their money from visitors rather than hunting wild animals these days, but they remain interesting to be among. Their relative isolation requires getting to their villages in a motorized, dugout canoe like vessel along a jungle river, a lovely experience in itself.

Not too far away, on a group of islands called the San Blas Islands, another quite unusual community of fishermen and farmers live. They are the Kuna and they have been given a relatively independent status by the central government. The dramatic characteristic of this group is the extremely colorful dress they wear and the extent to which they decorate their skins. They weave imaginative cloths called molas which are then sold to visiting tourists. Their villages are also very traditional. Unfortunately, their islands have been inundated by visitors and they now exist to a large extent on what they charge for housing and molas and photos. Nonetheless, they speak a distinct language and live a simple island life. As an aside, the tourist can rent housing on tiny islands in the area serviced by Kuna, paradise like dwellings where one feels separated from the real world, where tropical fish lap the shore and the water and sunsets are exquisite.

There is still more in this tiny country worth investigating. The Guaymi Indian inhabitants of Bocas de Toro province near Costa Rica still offer villages with thatched huts and no electricity or plumbing. These are primarily farmers who often speak Spanish and who farm the coastal areas where they live. They tend to be rather unaffected by the world around them and offer the visitor a warm welcome. With the fascinating Canal, the lovely highland areas and the warm surrounding tropical waters, Panama is surely a treat to be sampled.